Tyre Changer

Vee Seven Jumbo Tyre Changer

Rim Clamping Capacity : 14" - 56“
Max. Wheel Assembly Dia. : 2200 mm
Max Wheel Assembly Width : 1100 mm
Max Wheel Weight : 987 Kg
Application: HCV & Off-road vehicles
Scope of Supply: Complete unit, Control desk, Calliper, Brush, Crow bar
Make: Imported Unit.

Description: It is used to mount/dismount the drop center rim/tubeless wheel/ wheel with ring of Truck, Agriculture vehicle & Industrial vehicle. The tool can automatic rotate. It is equipped with the hydraulic driven carriage making the tire moving on the tire changer without man power. The small and portable console is very convenient to observe from different views avoiding the mis-operation in the process of operation. Dual speed main shaft motor can improve the working efficiency 1 Power supply, Proper earthing, civil work as required by the product prior to installation